Hibiscus Moringa


When you intuitively mix two of the most delicious and nutritious plants, what you will get is a power packed healthy beverage. And that is what our family has done with an anti-oxidant rich calyces of Hibiscus flowers, and vitamin packed Moringa leaves alongside a health-enriching organic cane sugar as a light sweetener. We use organic cane sugar because unlike sugar from conventionally grown sugarcane, organic cane sugar is unrefined and there is no trace of cancer-causing and environmentally damaging pesticides. This tea is light but incredibly flavorsome and displays some high level of lovely peach sweetness alongside a handful of amazing healthy benefits. It is said that drinking a mix of Hibiscus flower and Moringa tea furnishes your body with a smart source of vitamins and minerals. Besides that, it will lower the body blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation, as well as protects you against Arsenic Toxicity.