Hibiscus Honey

hibiscus_honey_productHibiscus infusions are enjoyed in many part of the world. It also has an ancient history of claims of medicinal benefits such as lowering blood pressure – thanks to its anthocyanin and mild diuretic properties. Besides that, it is generally regarded as a cleansing tonic. Most people get it as a recommendation to counteract insomnia, as well as gastrointestinal spasms. We’ve taken our family recipe for Hibiscus Tea further by putting together an antioxidant-packed calyces of Hibiscus flowers, and added a little sweetness in the form of 100% Canadian-sourced honey. Whether hot or cold, our Hibiscus Honey tea can be enjoyed irrespective of the time of the day because it tastes great. This tea is one of our family recipe that has been perfected for human consumption. It is not only fruity; it also comes with a predictable floral touch as well as that appealing tartness.  It can also be used as a delicious punch mix.