Nutritional Information

Laza Beverages contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no additives. 4 Hibiscus flavours are lightly sweetened with honey, Lemonana is lightly sweetened with honey, Hibiscus Original is unsweetened. There are few products that utilize Hibiscus flowers in a pure tea beverage. The combination of Hibiscus and various other natural ingredients incorporated in Laza’s products are not available in a pure tea beverage currently, apart from Laza of course.

Hibiscus tea is believed to be higher in anti-oxidants than green tea. Hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure. Moringa is high in vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium and contains 2 times the protein contained in yogurt. Laza’s products contain no caffeine.

Laza’s products accommodate customers who do not consume sugar, all products are gluten free. Hibiscus Original Tea is vegan and contains 0 calories.