Hibiscus Unsweetened


This is THE Hibiscus tea. Unsweetened, hibiscus flower in all its steeped glory (with a few of our special spices added in for good measure).

Since its discovery, Hibiscus teas have been enjoyed by everyone from the ancient pharaohs of the Nile to people across the world from Asia to the Caribbean, and now it is your turn.

Our family’s passion for high quality and healthy tea has led us to make a Hibiscus beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone. This is one of the drinks that we are most proud of, and is the basis for the rest of our line of hibiscus beverages (try Hibiscus sweetened with honey or flavoured with mint or ginger!)

On top of all that, hibiscus has the potential to relieve you from a wide variety of ailments such as reducing high cholesterol levels, curing liver diseases, and reducing one’s risk of cancer.

You can enjoy our Laza Hibiscus unsweetened chilled or warm but always naturally refreshing and nourishing.

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