Our Story

Laza Food & Beverages is an Ontario based company founded in 2009 and is the developer of unique lines of beverages and frozen Ice Pops. Our company is dedicated to creating and marketing nutritious and authentic food made from natural ingredients. Our beverage lines are based upon two distinct flavour profiles, hibiscus and lemon, and build upon them with zesty flavours like ginger, turmeric, mint and moringa. The frozen Ice Pops are created with whole fruit and sweetened with maple syrup or honey. Arki Frozen Dog Treats is made with human grade ingredients

What makes our products so special is that they are all based on high quality healthy ingredients and minimal processing. The results are deliciously simple and very flavourful.

CEO Melku Gebrekristos brings a passion for quality, integrity, and health to every product that is developed.  Her dedication and delicious products are often recognized in the community with Laza being honoured with the following awards:


Finalist in the 2017 SIAL Innovation Award!

2017 Global Advantage Business Award

2016 People’s Choice Award for Small Business Star