Hibiscus Unsweetened

hibiscus_productEver since its discovery, Hibiscus tea have been a favorite beverage for the Pharaohs in the ancient Nile Valley especially when they needed some refreshment in the desert heat. Generally, Hibiscus tea throughout history till the present day is the preferred beverage among several cultures including, Mexico, Asia, the Caribbean and even Europe. Our family’s passion for high quality and healthy tea has led us to make a Hibiscus beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone and not just the Pharaohs. One of such derivatives is our Unsweetened Hibiscus tea (a mix of the finest hibiscus flowers with a blend of 100% natural and  spices). Besides being one of our finest and delicious creations, it also has the potential to relieve you from a wide variety of ailments such as reducing high cholesterol levels, curing liver diseases, and reducing one’s risk of cancer. You can enjoy our Laza Hibiscus unsweetened chilled or warm because it is naturally refreshing and nourishing.